Small mixer, mixer routine maintenance (1) how to eliminate vibration and noise wiper sheet: use pliers to clip all joints and gaps at the transfer of small rubber pieces can be. (2) how to extend lamp life: after buying the car or replace a new lamp after using alcohol to wipe the lamp again, eliminate fingerprints and oil can. I did so after buying the car, has a light bulb is not broken. (3) how to reduce tire noise: the inside of the front protection panel glue layer of black felt cloth or flannel can. (Carefully understand your tires after the rain noise becomes small, after washing becomes large, Vibrator Concrete Rubber Hose because the inside of the protective panel mud suction noise) (4) how to eliminate the noise produced after the individual uneven tire wear: wheel alignment, balance looking after a bicycle repair, borrow or buy the rasp, will tread the rugged local file level does not ring. (5) how to extend the life of the muffler: muffler below the lowest point of playing a hole. The reason is simple: the drainage and corrosion. (6) How to start fast speed: In the case of vehicle load or less load directly with second gear start (do not worry about the vehicle detrimental, because a gear and the clutch is by design under heavy load conditions, and large a rear portion of the car quickly gear for second gear is not smooth), rushed to push into third gear above 3000 rpm, 3000 rpm and then rushed over, then the car will generally behind with you, calmly switched fourth gear, fifth gear, but also You can directly switch to the five-speed (for payment after the highway), good quality concrete vibrating screed and does not increase fuel consumption. Give it a try. (7) In the morning launch vehicle jitter simple treatment: the work is not good because individual cylinder, valve closed lax, the speed that running is a way (costs money), but also in the 3rd or 4th gear high-speed multi-run for a while ( Province gold), the effect is the same. If the hot car does not shake, but the shift ring true (hand gear), it is possible that the amount of fuel injection nozzle uneven, needs testing, cleaning. (There are many ways you have been told DX) (8) How to prevent antenna theft: unscrew the antenna, the wire coated with a strong adhesive head, tighten, with good results (9) How easy ride in the vehicle inspection Brakes: ABS control harness connector to unplug the pump, and then plug in the bin, does not affect the normal use, evacuated to the service station to eliminate the fault code. (10) How to place the car is not used, but must carry stuff: Open the trunk spare tire look to know, where is the biggest storage grid. (11) How to improve interior air circulation and defrosting effect: The dust filter cartridges (engine compartment) into the same size of the sponge, not only increasing the amount of wind, but also washable reuse, zpn50 portable concrete vibrators and winter car defrosting Express, Long distances do not have to open the fan, and while fuel (behind the "PST How economical driving" with a). (12) How to maintain the clutch (handkerchief) long easy: ask the service technician every time you change the brake fluid at the discharged oil from the clutch slave cylinder. Because the clutch and brake using the same cup oil, might be difficult, but is supposed to do. (13) When you feel as good as how brakes easy to do before: a red light when stepped on kicks with great brakes, can be effective, rejuvenate.