Concrete Mixing Plant The main use for concrete mixing station mixing concrete, also called concrete mixing station. Mainly by the mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage and control systems and other five major systems and other ancillary facilities components. It is used to concentrate the joint means mixed concrete, precast concrete, also known as field. Because of its mechanization, high degree of automation, so productivity is high, and to ensure the quality of concrete and cement savings, commonly used in concrete large projects, long duration, the site focused on large and medium-sized water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other projects. With the development of municipal construction, centralized mixing, provides commercial concrete mixing station has a lot of advantages, which have developed rapidly, and for the promotion of Concrete Pumping achieve mixing, transport, pouring machine to create conditions for joint operations. Since the Aggregate Aggregate measuring and metering stations as mini concrete mixer trucks for sale price compared to reduce the four intermediate links, and is a vertical cutting measure, saving measurement time, thus greatly improving the efficiency of production. Now the concrete mixing station mostly by international popular computer control Fast assembly modular structure, high performance mixers, Twin-controlled, noise, anti-dust pollution, environmental design, is a new generation of cement concrete mixing equipment, suitable for urban commercial ready-mixed concrete, bridge, water conservancy , airports, ports and other large infrastructure projects and concrete demand Great place. Concrete mixing station consists of mixing system, electrical control systems (mainframe computers, monitors, printers, communication cables, weighing instruments, bridge, etc.), to enhance the system components. Specifically: Mixing console, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage system, the control system of the five components of the system and other ancillary facilities composition; divided into the gravel to feed, powder feed, water and feed additives, mixing and transport storage of four parts. Mixing station can be divided into single station and double station, by definition, that is, each single station mixing station has a mixing console, dual-station has two mixing console, mixing console each corresponds to a discharge port, so dual-stirring station is a stand-alone mixing station production capacity of 2 times. Mixer Mixer stirring their way into forced mixing and self-loading mixing. Compulsory mixer is mixing station at home and abroad mainstream use, it can be stirred liquidity, semi-rigid and rigid and other dry concrete. Since the fall mixing console main stirring fluidity concrete, rarely used in the mixing station. Compulsory mixer according to the spindle structure is divided into a planetary mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer and twin-shaft mixer. The integrated use of performance especially in the twin-shaft compulsory mixer is best. Weighing Systems Material weighing system is concrete mixing station affect the quality of concrete and concrete production cost of key components, divided into aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing three parts. Under normal circumstances, 20 cubic meters per hour or less mixing station superposition weighing methods that aggregate (sand and stone) with a pair of scales, a scale with cement and fly ash, water and liquid additive were weighed and then put into the water, said liquid additive premixed infighting. In more than 50 cubic meters per hour, mixing station, said the use of various materials weighing separate ways, all have adopted electronic weighing scales and computer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy of ± 2%, weighing accuracy cement, powder, water and admixtures reached ± 1%. Conveyor system Material Handling consists of three parts: Aggregate conveying: conveying mixing station has a hopper and belt conveyor transport in two ways. Advantages bucket elevator is a small footprint, simple structure. Advantages belt conveyor is transporting distance, high efficiency, low failure rate. Conveyor belt is mainly used to aggregate the temporary storage of mixing station, mixing station to increase productivity. Powder conveying: concrete available powder mainly cement, fly ash and slag. Powder conveying screw conveyor is used by general transport, large mixing floor there is the use of pneumatic conveying and the AFC. Advantages of Building special concrete mixer the screw conveyor is simple in structure, low cost, and reliable. Liquid delivery: mainly refers to water and liquid additives, which are respectively delivered by the pump. Storage systems Substantially the same concrete materials available for storage. Aggregate open dumps (and there are large-scale urban commercial concrete mixing station with a closed silo); powders with fully enclosed steel silo storage; admixture steel container. Control System Mixing station control system is the central nervous system equipment package. Control system according to the different requirements of users and the size of the mixing station and have different functions and preparation, construction of small mixing plant control system simpler site available under normal circumstances, but the system is relatively large mixing station complex. According to work can be divided into: Continuous (the market mostly intermittent mixing station project which process is:... It really is greater than the first with the production capacity mixer mixing raw materials, and then put into a blender stirring After stirring well before unloading into the trailer), and intermittent formula Troubleshooting Air supply failure (1) air compressor failure are: non-return valve is damaged, badly worn piston rings, intake valves become damaged and the air filter blockage. To determine the non-return valve is damaged, the compressor automatically shut down after just ten seconds, turn off the power, the hand plate moving big belt wheel, if you can more easily turn a week, then the check valve is not damaged ; on the contrary, the non-return valve has been damaged; Alternatively, you can switch the exhaust vent of the case following pressure from the automatic to be judged, generally should be automatically shut down after the compressor stops after ten seconds or so exhaust, If you have been in the exhaust when the compressor is started again until it stops, then the check valve is damaged, replace. When the compressor pressure rise slowly and accompanied by a string of oil phenomenon, show piston ring compressor badly worn and should be replaced. When the intake valve damaged or clogged air filter, air compressor pressure will also rise slowly (but no train oil phenomenon). Inspection can be put onto the palm of the air filter inlet, if there is heat outside the top, then the intake valve is damaged and must be replaced; if suction is small, usually caused by dirty air filter, Filters should be cleaned or replaced. (2) The valve failure are: pressure adjustment is not high, or pressure rise and slow. The pressure regulator is not high, often because of spring break or regulator diaphragm rupture caused to be renewed; pressure rise slowly, usually is caused because the filter is clogged, and should be removed for cleaning. (3) The line faults are: pipe joints leak, hose rupture condensate aggregation. Pipe joints leak and hose rupture can leak from the sound up to judge the site, should be repaired or replaced; if the accumulation of condensation water pipe, should be drained, and there is winter in the north of condensate and easy to knot Ice clogged air line. (4) Compressed air processing unit (triplets) faults are: oil and water separator fault, regulator and lubricator malfunctions. Water separator failure is divided into, filter clogging, breakage, drain valve moving parts of the movable member is not flexible and so on. Work should always clean the filter, remove sewage within the oil and impurities. Regulator failure and "(2) The valve failure," above. Symptom lubricator are: not drip, oil deposited on the CONSERVANCY special concrete mixer Manufacturers bottom of the cup of water, oil cup seal damage. When the mist does not drip, you should check the inlet gas flow rate is below the fog flow, leaks, fuel adjustment needle is blocked and the like; if deposited at the bottom of the oil cup of water, should be immediately removed; when When the seal is damaged, it should be replaced. Cylinder failure Cylinder assembly and long-term due to improper use of pneumatic actuators (cylinders) within prone, external leakage, insufficient output power and action is not smooth, poor buffering effect, piston rod and cylinder head damage and other symptoms. (1) occur within the cylinder, external leakage, usually because of the piston rod installation eccentricity, lack of lubricant supply, seals and seal rings are worn or damaged, there are impurities in the cylinder and piston rod, etc., causing injuries. So, when the cylinder occurs inside and outside leakage, readjust the piston rod of the center, to ensure concentricity of the piston and cylinder; should always check the reliability of oil mist work to ensure enforcement, the line element oiled; When the seals and sealing ring worn or damaged rings shall be replaced; if the cylinder memory impurities, should be promptly removed; when injuries on the piston rod, should be renewed. (2) lack of cylinder output force and action is not smooth, usually because of the piston or piston rod is stuck, poor lubrication, inadequate gas supply or cylinder condensed water and impurities and other causes. In this regard, it should adjust the center of the piston rod; lubricator operating reliability; whether the supply line blocked. When the cylinder memory condensed water and impurities, should be promptly removed. (3) cylinder cushioning the adverse effect, it is generally due to a buffer seal wear or damage caused by the adjustment screw. In this case, replace the seals and adjusting screw. (4) the piston rod and the cylinder head is damaged, usually because of the piston rod installation eccentricity or buffering mechanism does not work caused. In this regard, it should adjust the center position of the piston rod; replace the buffer ring or adjusting screw. Valve failure Valve failure are: the valve can not change direction or change to slow gas leak, solenoid pilot valve is faulty and so on. (1) The valve can not change direction or change to slow, generally due to poor lubrication, spring is stuck or damaged, oil or contaminants jammed sliding portion and other causes. In this regard, we should first check the lubricator is working properly; if appropriate viscosity lubricant. When necessary, replace the oil, clean the sliding portion of the valve, or replace the spring and valve. (2) prone to the phenomenon by the spool valve seal wear, stem and seat damage after prolonged use, leading to gas leakage in the valve, the valve can not slow or normal commutation failure. In this case, replace the seals, stem and seat, or the valve replaced. (3) If the solenoid pilot valve inlet and exhaust vent blocked sludge and other debris, closed lax, the movable core is stuck, circuit failure, can lead to valve can not be normal commutation. The former three cases should be cleaned of sludge and impurities pilot valve and activities on the core. The fault circuit failures are generally divided into two types of control circuit failure and an electromagnetic coil. Before checking circuit failure, should first valve manual knob several times, look at rated pressure valve if normal commutation, Manual brick making machinery china price if normal commutation, it is a circuit failure. Check the voltage available instrument measuring the electromagnetic coil to see whether the rated voltage, if the voltage is too low, should be further examination of the control circuit power supply and associated limit switch circuit. If the valve is not properly rated voltage commutation, you should check the solenoid connector (plug) is loose or not true. The method is to unplug it, measure coil resistance (ohms should generally be between several hundred to several thousand ohms), if the resistance is too big or too small, indicating that the electromagnetic coil is damaged, should be replaced. Component failure Pneumatic transport aid component failure are: lubricator fault, automatic sewage failure, muffler failure. (1) oil mist faults are: adjusting the adjustment amount is too small needle oil plug, pipeline leaks and so will not be atomized liquid droplets. In this regard, it should be promptly dealt blockage and leakage of the place, adjust drip volume to reach 5 drops / min. During normal use, the oil within the oil cup to remain in the upper and lower range. Deposited on the bottom of the oil cup of water, should be immediately removed. Selection Current domestic production of concrete mixing equipment manufacturers has hundreds of species diversity, it has formed a certain scale of production, and the emergence of a number of well-known domestic brands, technical performance and some have reached or approached the level of foreign brands. In addition, there are numerous sales agents of foreign agents companys products. Faced with so many products, how to choose according to their own situation? Recommends the following principles. First, the principle of selection (1) the production scale Depending on the size scale of production to determine the concrete mixing equipment production capacity. The annual output of 200 000 m3 or less, concrete mixing plant productivity is generally not less than 90m3 / h; the annual output of 20 case 300 000 m3, concrete mixing plant productivity typically 120m3 / h; the annual output of more than 300,000 m3 of concrete mixing equipment productivity in general to 150 m3 / h or 200m3 / h. (2) construction site Depending on the size of the construction site, choose concrete mixing or concrete mixing station. Selection concrete mixing plant, aggregate time enhance productivity mixer mixing plant of the same capacity than the high, the overall shape neat appearance, small yard area, good production environment, manufacturing, installation cycle long, high one-time investment costs. Selection of concrete mixing station, aggregate need two boosts, flexible layout, fabrication, installation cycle is short, low one-time investment costs, but large yard area, the production environment is poor. (3) Auxiliary Equipment Attachment device according to the situation to choose the specifications of concrete mixers and working dimensions. Mixer truck loading capacity and discharge capacity should match the mixer, improper matching will affect the work efficiency. Feeding capacity loader and concrete mixing station should Feeding height dosing station match. (4) management functions If using intensive network management, network management should consider concrete mixer functions of the device, to avoid future upgrades difficult. (5) The equipment technical performance Mainly from the advanced nature of the equipment, reliability, quality and versatility of several considerations. Equipment should have advanced working principle, high degree of automation, powerful management and good environmental performance characteristics. Equipment should be configured excellent, reliable control, applicability, good service performance. Also, consider the high accuracy, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, greater use of standard parts, interchangeability good. (6) supplier credit Including installation and commissioning is strict; technical guidance and training are in place; timely service; spare parts supply is sufficient. (7) The cost performance The pursuit of a comprehensive technical performance of equipment is unwise and unnecessary investment will increase, but only the pursuit of low investment and reduce the cost of equipment and technology to increase the use of performance will bring, this approach is not desirable. Imported equipment on the domestic market higher overall performance, but the price is more expensive. Diesel concrete pump manufacturers Domestic equipment Several well-known brands, although overall performance can not be compared with the imported equipment, but the configuration of key parts are generally imported components, the main job performance is not much worse than the imported equipment, the price is much lower. More reasonable approach is to select the appropriate cost performance. Concrete workstation atmospheric effects on the environment: Concrete mixing station itself is not dust, mainly workplace management and ancillary venues impact every day loading and unloading dust is very serious, if the glowing water wet ground, basically there is no dust. Each one car pulled out of the project go through a flushing device, from top to bottom of the vehicle clean, otherwise it will not environmental standards. When concrete filling car to the loading wheel will bring up billowing dust, open dumps sand heap under the effect of wind also raised a lot of dust. So the enterprise should sprinkler. Piled raw space should be closed, the site entrance needs to harden. It will effectively reduce the management so that bit the dust after the maximum to avoid the impact on the atmosphere.

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