JS750 concrete mixer supporting concrete batching machine

When the yield is about 30 square concrete mixer JS750 choose what type of concrete batching relatively reasonable? JS750 concrete mixer feeding 1200 liters per can, so it is best to use PLD800 concrete batching machine, batching machine model selected big waste, small enough, a direct result of production can not keep up.     JS750 mixer can play one hour 35 square concrete, hot selling small foam concrete pump from China eight hours a day working time, JS750 concrete mixer day can be stirred 280 square concrete year is down 8 Articles of concrete, each side profits of $ 50, 400 a year can be achieved thousands of benefit, of course, the premise is you have to live every day to the job.

Mixers plasma leakage reason, how to solve  

Occur after a period of time concrete mixer equipment Leakage in very troubled by the user, to figure out what causes the device has been leakage of plasma, in order to solve this problem fundamentally, here next encountered such problems should start from what solve .     After we found: the same type of concrete mixer equipment stirred same concrete materials, often manufacturers use installation instructions maintenance tenth maintenance of plasma leakage probability is maintained, we can see, conservation and maintenance can be good to reduce compulsory Leakage in the mixer.     A stirrer shaft plasma leakage     Shaft seal lubricant supply shortage, lubricating oil passage is not smooth; mixer lubrication system, manual pump and automatic pump oil cup without lubrication; lubricants automatic mixer pump damage; lubricating automatic mixer pump is not working properly, but the reason may is the line in question received sensor signal is incorrect, blenders lubricating oil passage and the shaft seal nozzle clogging or damage, lubrication pump at no power PLC program is set incorrectly.     Second, the compulsory mixer discharge gate leakage of plasma operation Cause     Probably not discharge door closed tight, be equipped with multi-shaft seal and pressure seal protector protection device, effectively prevent the leakage of plasma phenomenon; residual adhesive around the discharge door was too thick, Remedy: cheap used concrete mixer for sale clean up the discharge doors The plot material, to improve the sealing, the floor beneath the adjusting bolt discharge, so discharge doors closed tight.


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